Who is the TEDCenter?

The TEDCenter is being started by Trinity Church, a non-deminational in Lansing, MI. Trinity Church is passionate about children and families. Seeing a need in our area for Learning Centers, we decided to launch our own faith-based learning environment. 

It is the mission of TEDCenter to provide a faith-based learning environment, based on building community, to develop God-given abilities, to build character, and enrich creativity in each child. We will see this through careful attention given to each child, allowing children to explore and learn along with direct instruction, modeling desired behavior, positive reinforcement, and developmental growth. In addition to our foundation of faith, beginning with toddlers, this will include a focus on STEAM-based learning. We will follow best practices for early learning.

We Value doing and being:

Attentive to the Spirit. Children are natural faith-bringers, and we seek to see children grow in a hear-and-obey environment, seeing God’s people walking in step with His Spirit.

Authentic in our relationships. Even very young children can learn to be real, or authentic, and build real relationships. For infants and toddlers, this will look like a focus on building caring, safe, enriching connections, those very connections that research shows is integral and plays a role in their developing years, and even impacts their breadth of learning in later years.

Active in our community. What if children could see the big picture of who they are, and their place in their community–from their faith community, to their neighborhood, to their cities?

We’ll work to help children become good citizens, both practically and spiritually. We’ll create experiences that build community with families, children, staff and volunteers.

Apprenticeship as our commitment. We learn by doing, and we learn by watching those around us. TEDCenter staff will live and lead, knowing that children are watching and learning from them. A high standard will be set for TEDCenter staff and volunteers in all of their care, teaching, and service to children, day in and day out.

Families will see and experience a focus on faith, character, creativity, and community. Building on that foundation of faith, we’ll see children grow in their character — in who God has made them to be. This includes exploring who we are as creators, made in the image of our Creator God and Father. And all of that, within the context of community. We were made for many purposes, and one of those is that we were made to do life together: We’re always better together. And children will know and experience this.

Why the TEDCenter?

Faith-Based Learning

Experience loving,
Christ-like care and
intentional faith-based instruction.

STEAM-Focused Education

Benefit from STEAM-focused exploration through hands-on learning, discovery, play with a purpose and play as you go. 

Preschool Dance Instruction

Preschoolers, 3 years and older, will participate in dance instruction with a technique trained and experienced dance instructor. 

Group Piano Lessons

Receive weekly age-specific group piano lessons through the Diaz School of Piano.


Monthly community events are offered that bring families, staff, and volunteers together. 

Age Groups

Our center offers comprehensive care, support, and learning for children  4 months old to Pre-K. 

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